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New No Man’s Sky Video Takes You Further for Exploration Than You Have Ever Been

The development on No Man’s Sky was completed a couple of days ago, and the game is finally on its way to be released. We are sincerely hoping that the word delay doesn’t get mentioned in the news in connection with this game in any way (well I hope I didn’t jinx it just now).

Anyhow, to get you up to speed about the game and its massive exploration quotient, a new video has been released bythe developers.

Although we already know that the world of No Man’s Sky is going to have as many as 18 quintillion planets. However, Hello Games just got a little mathematical while discussing how exploring beyond is important for the game. The developers explained about the expanse of the game world that:

There are 18 quintillion planets in the game. Even if each planet was visited at a rate of one per second, it would take five billion years to explore them all – by which the Sun in our solar system would have burnt out, essentially giving the game a near infinite number of worlds to explore!

When it is going to take you longer to completely explore the game than the earth has time before it burns up in ashes, it does create some level of uncertainty as to what would be the goal when you are in the game’s world.

To fulfill that need to some extent, Hello Games has included a guiding quest to reach the center of the universe, something all players will try to do as the scavenge the planets on the way and stumble across an innumerable variety of things to keep them busy.

To help guide players through such a vast number of locations No Man’s Sky has an overarching goal of reaching the centre of the universe, where there are more bountiful resources and more challenging locations to discover. This, however, is just a guide, and players are free to explore the game however they like.

Honestly, the level of exploration options in No Man’s Sky make it sound like a good way to kill the vacations nicely.