Microsoft Explains The Reason of ReCore Price Being $40

ReCore is one of the most interesting looking games coming to Xbox One and PC, and players are excited to see what this game brings to the table. However, this gorgeous looking game have been priced a $40, and many are wondering why ReCore price is being kept low.

Speaking with TXR Podcast, Xbox marketing manager Aaron Greenberg gave some insight into why ReCore price is $40 instead of $60. According to Greenberg, ReCore is a new IP, and launch timing matters a lot for a new game. He said ReCore lacks a fan base, and they want to earn gamer’s votes.

With new IP like that…ideally, launch timing matters a lot. So that’s why you’re seeing us launch it as our first title of the season; it’s coming in September. So getting out early. The second thing is it doesn’t have an existing base of fans. So we have to build that fan base. Rightly so, [gamers] are very thoughtful about, ‘Where do I want to spend my money?, ‘What games do I want to buy? So we kind of have to earn their vote; we have to earn their trust; we have to earn their dollar.

He further said that Microsoft does not wants there to be any barriers, and wants to give a game that gives $60 value.

We wanted there to be no barriers. We wanted to be able to give you a great AAA that gives you $60 of value but if you aren’t sure, not let that be the barrier of a tradeoff of, ‘Hey there’s a $60 game and there’s this game.’ We wanted you to be able to get in.

He also said that he hopes that ReCore will be the new franchise for Microsoft, and also as many people as possible will play the game. He said the reason ReCore price is $40, is to increase its chances to be successful.

So that’s why we priced it at $40. We hope that will increase its chances of having success as a new IP.

ReCore is an action adventure game developed by Armature Studio for PC and Xbox One. The game will release on September 13, 2016.