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The Spoils of Your League of Legends Microtransactions, Riot Games President Spends $13.1M On New Home

In 2015, it was reported that League of Legends microtransactions had made Riot Games $1.62 billion, and this trends seems to continue as last month the game developer’s monthly earnings were reported at $150 million!

So what do the main guys behind the company do when our gaming community is making them earn so much? They buy multimillion dollar oceanfront homes in Malibu! What a life.

The cofounder and president of Riot Games, Marc Merrill, has reportedly purchased a property for $13.1 million in Malibu. The two storied house which was designed by Scott Gillen, is all the luxury you could want with “walk-in wardrobes,” “hand-scraped oak floors” and “a contemporary coastal vibe.”

Isn’t that a dream house!

Any how, all this has been well earned because how else would we have League of Legends and how else would we spend so much on League of Legends microtransactions and make the community so huge.

League of Legends has been dominating the digital games sales market due to in-game transactions, at least as late as January 2016.

On the development and expansion side of the news, it has been reported only a couple of hours ago that the latest game update, titled 6.15, has gone live on the PBE. Currently, the users are testing the new skins as well as the changes that have been made to the heroes and items.

While that is all for now, we will be sharing you any more news that comes our way regarding the new updates, in the meanwhile, why don’t you guys tell us approximately how much are you spending on League of Legends microtransactions these days?