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June 2016 NPD Shows PS4 Beats Xbox One Eighth Time in a Row

Although NPD still lacks data from digital game sales, it is still a very credible source of information on who is winning in the gaming industry. Therefore, when the June 2016 NPD statistics show that even now PS4 beats Xbox One, it does mean something.

Like every month, the data analysis and research organization has revealed sales estimates for the last month. They have also confirmed to Sony Interactive Entertainment that PlayStation 4 has managed to remain the top selling console for the eighth time in a row.

Sony Interactive Entertainment has managed to remain on top of their competition from Microsoft as well as Nintendo since November 2015. The last time they were beaten was in October 2015 when Xbox One had managed to sell more units than PS4.

But back then was Halo 5 time.

Looking at the seasonal trends of the video gaming industry, the months that follow June are basically the dull period when it comes to hardware sales as well as software sales. This is primarily due to the concentration of release dates on months other than these.

However, this year we expect that effect to be doubled because not only will it be a conventionally slow period in terms of sale, it is also a time when both Microsoft and Sony have confirmed their next consoles.

Since both the companies are looking to unleash the new Xbox One S, Project Scorpio, PlayStation Neo and the alleged PlayStation 4 Slim, starting as early as August 2016, we are positive that consumers will hold off their purchases a little bit more.

Although PS4 beats Xbox One in June 2016 NPD, we were not expecting much of a bragging this month from either Microsoft or Sony – and none has come – so it can be assumed that the sales figures for hardware as well as software weren’t too impressive for either one of the companies.