New Screenshots Show Infinite Warfare Weapons and Vehicles

Infinity Ward has decided to let us in on some of the Infinite Warfare weapons and vehicles that we’ll be encountering over the course of the game’s story mode, ranging from the various spacecraft and fighters we’ll be flying to the weapons we’ll be using on both sides.

The vehicles are nothing new, or at least nothing we haven’t heard about. Considering that a significant portion of the game is going to be taking place in space, it’s only natural we hear about the various spaceships that both sides will be using.

On the SATO (Solar Associated Treaty Organization) side, we can see screenshots of a number of ships. These include the Retribution, your base ship, the Jackal (your principal fighter), and the Raven, a dropship.

On the side of the Settlement Defense Front, we have the Skelter, their own fighter craft, and the Olympus Mons, the flagship of their fleet.

On the “weapons” side of the Infinite Warfare weapons and vehicles, we have a wide and varied arsenal for both sides as well. There are various weapons manufacturers in the game, and we’ll be seeing the fruits of their labors as we go in. Among some of the shown weapons include a gun that can swap between a sniper rifle and an assault rifle, an anti-gravity grenade (seen in the E3 2016 demo), and even energy weapons.

More details on Infinite Warfare’s campaign mode will be coming at Comic Con on July 21, so hopefully we’ll get more insight into more Infinite Warfare weapons and vehicles before the game comes out. And hopefully, through those, Infinite Warfare can actually make itself look like it’s worth playing, and be a success for Infinity Ward.

The game’s going to have a lot of competition when it comes out considering Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2 are going to be releasing ahead of it, and it’ll be up to IW to see whether it or Titanfall can do the future warfare aspect better.