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Latest Update Increases The Division PvP Weapon Damage

The Division has been receiving quite some updates from the developer since its release, and this is  a good sign that the devs at Ubisoft Massive are determined to support their game. However, after a 3 hour server maintenance, The Division PvP weapon damage has been increased and some changes are brought to the Dragon nest.

The update modifies The Division PvP weapon damage modifier, which increases the weapon damage by 20 percent against other players, however, this will not impact the skill damage. The Division update also increases the kill volume for the Dragon Nest and characters will be automatically killed when exiting the map area.

  • Modified PvP weapon damage modifier so players will deal about 20 percent more weapon damage to each other (note that this change does not impact skill damage).
  • Added more kill volumes to Dragon’s Nest map. When exiting the map area, characters will be automatically killed.

These changes are followed by a comprehensive update, which released this past Tuesday, you can check out the full changelog by following this link. The update reduces the damage of G36 assault rifle by 15 percent and fixes numerous bugs and issues.

Recently, community manager Natchai Stappers explained the reason about why Ubisoft decided to make loot drop specific for specific venues.

According to him, dropping loot randomly will result in some of the gear sets to go missing from the inventory for a long time, as players would not know where to go for which gear set.

He further explained that if all the loot is unweighted than it would result in a lot loot being ignored, as picking up the loot as fast as possible will become the priority of the players, but this can also help in gearing up faster.

The Division is a third person shooter developed bu Ubisoft massive for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.