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Final Fantasy 15 Magazine Article Shows Various Family Members

A Final Fantasy 15 magazine article from the magazine “Jump” gave us a few more characters that are going to be in the game, mainly two family members of main characters. In this case, they will be Lady Lunafreya Nox Fleuret’s brother Ravus, and Gladiolus’s sister Iris.

Both characters shown off actually have completely different roles in the story. Iris, as Gladiolus’s sister, is an ally that players will have as they play Noctis, the prince of the country of Lucis who’s trying to save his kingdom from the Niflheim Empire. As Gladiolus is one of Noctis’s bodyguards and friends, Iris may even become a party member at some point.

Final Fantasy XV

In contrast, Lunafreya’s brother Ravus is a staunchly loyal member of the Niflheim army. We actually got a glimpse of him in one of the trailers for the upcoming CGI movie Kingsglaive, but now he’s actually been identified. Going by his loyalty to Niflheim, he’s no ally to Luna and may instead be one of the game’s secondary antagonists.

Considering the role that Lunafreya plays in the story (Noctis at first had to marry her as a condition for peace between Lucis and Niflheim but that’s out the window since Niflheim invades anyway), she may also become a party member, likely a sort of healer or summoner.

If she becomes a party member, she’ll become a fugitive, and it’s likely that Ravus will be dispatched to bring her back. The Final Fantasy 15 magazine article also shows off a number of pictures from the game, among other things showing Iris cruising with the boys in their car, and Ravus in his Niflheim uniform.

Final Fantasy 15 has been revealing more and more things lately, ranging from various cities to monsters and summons and two demos, one of which gives you a Carbuncle summon if you play through it.

However, the game doesn’t come out until September 30, so we still have a while to wait before it actually comes out.