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Bethesda Apparently Stole Fallout New Vegas Mod For Fallout 4 DLC Quest

Turns out even big name developers like Bethesda aren’t afraid of stealing someone else’s idea and creation. In a surprise revelation, it seems as if Bethesda stole design and story line of a Fallout New Vegas mod and used it in the recent Fallout 4 DLC, New Harbor.

The mod in question, named Autumn Leaves, was made way before Fallout 4 released and was published on Moddb. A side quest in Fallout 4 DLC Far Harbor, titled Brain Dead, not only has locations that look eerily similar to the mod but also the premise of the quest and even the character archetypes.

Yes, the Fallout IP is definitely Bethesda’s property but they could have at least given credit, if not any compensation, to the original creator of the mod. Instead they opted to blatantly steal the design without even a nod to the creator BaronVonChateau for his work or his permission.

The mod was obviously high quality stuff otherwise why else would Bethesda use it in their paid DLC unless they wanted to cut corners and not only cheat the creator but also the people who bought the DLC.

The side quest and the mod both start off with players having a conversation with a caretaker of the vault they are going to be investigating. The quest is a murder mystery so they have to analyze the crime scene and talk to different residents of the vault.

Like all Bethesda games, Fallout 4 hasn’t been without its fair share of issues and controversy. Ranging from the usual, signature Bethesda styled, bugged quests and glitches to the expensive yet lackluster season pass. Even the much touted modding ability on consoles isn’t without its hurdles.

Released last year in November, Fallout 4 has almost run out of all the content Season Pass was going to offer. The last DLC of the game will be Nuka World and is expected to release in August.

This might be a cause of concern for some since the season pass is priced $50 and judging by Steam reviews, it has been pretty much a waste of money for the most part.