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Donald Trump Makes Fun of Hillary Clinton With Pokemon Go

There was a time when presidential candidates remained civil and used logic, reason, and sensible arguments to combat their rivals.

However, the current run brought us the joy known as “Donald Trump.” His controversial comments and tactics has made him a popular social media personality.

He recently shared a Facebook post with his followers featuring a video attacking Hillary Clinton. Interestingly, the video used Pokemon Go to make fun to Hillary Clinton.

Crooked Hillary No Video


On the other hand, Hillary Clinton is hosting a Pokemon event. Pokemon GO “Gotta Catch ‘Em’ All” event at Lakewood, Ohio will be hosted by Mrs. Clinton on July 6.

Pokemon Go is a highly popular game released on iOS and Android devices. The title has gone passed 15 million downloads since launch. In fact, it is now more popular on Google than Porn.

A recent report revealed that Pokemon Go downloads went past Candy Crush as well.

Unfortunately, there have been a few unfortunate incidents though. Recently, a teen found a dead body in Wind River while looking for Pokemon. Furthermore, armed robbers were using Pokemon Go to lure victims in. Thankfully, the authorities were able to apprehend these criminals.

Nintendo needs to take steps to ensure Go players are secure. Safety of the player should be a top priority. Not only Nintendo but players themselves need to be careful while playing the game.