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Some Diablo 3 Rare Items Never Existed, Blizzard Apologizes for a Wild Goose Chase

Diablo 3 had its fair share of issues and problems, while the most prominent one was its launch issue, but it is nothing compared to its classic screw up. For past few weeks after the patch 2.4.1 went live, players were supposed to find Diablo 3 rare items that were meant to be extremely hard to find.

However, players that were actually trying to find these Diablo 3 rare items and cosmetics, were frustrated as they could not find these cosmetics in-game. But Blizzard Entertainment kept motivating these players to find the items, and said that they would not give any kind of hint until they were found.

Now here is the part where Blizzard admitted that they have screwed up, as Blizzard’s Wyatt Cheng finally joined the discussion and dropped the bomb on those poor frustrated gamers. According to Cheng, these Diablo 3 rare items were supposed to be hard to find, but was surprised that no one found them.

Among the items intended to be extremely rare are Steffon’s Heavy Lance, Mace of the Crows, and the Harvest Pennant (also known as the Fallen Pennant). As 2.4.1 unfolded, we were surprised to learn that nobody appeared to have found these items. Weeks passed, we checked and double-checked the data, and ran some internal tests—these items were intended to be rare and hidden, but had we perhaps hidden them too well?

Then he went ahead an apologized for the mistake, and admitted that the rare items did not existed in the game.

Unfortunately, it turns out we made a mistake. Instead of making the items extremely rare, they did not appear at all. The development team is sorry for this huge misstep on our part—we know that our mistake caused many players to spend hours trying to locate items which we now see in hindsight was a wild goose chase.

Despite testing the path before the release, it seems that the testing method adopted by Blizzard has failed to detect the issue. However, to compensate the players, Blizzard held a double buff weekend this past weekend.

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