Devs Explain Kingdom Come Deliverance RPG System, Armor Layer System And More

Its been quite a while since developer Warhorse Studios has showed something or talked about its upcoming game, Kingdom Come Deliverance. However, the studio has broke their vow of silence and has released a new video detailing Kingdom Come Deliverance RPG system and more.

In a press release developer Warhorse explained that players will be able to choose from three different play styles, which include stealth, diplomacy and violence. The Developer has detailed the Kingdom Come Deliverance RPG system, Armor layer System, survival and item quality.

Lets start with the RPG system, Kingdom Come Deliverance is an open world RPG and allows the players to choose their play style freely. Like players could resolve a situation by a diplomatic way while using speech skill, or sneak their way in and out of the situation by using stealth or can get violent by drawing their sword.

Players will become better by actively using their skills or going frequently to trainers. Also the Kingdom Come Deliverance RPG system is quite dynamic, and players will have to be careful with their actions as these will affect player’s reputation and will have consequences.

The Armor layer system is what I find the most interesting, because the armor system this game features has never seen before any game. The Armor layer system offers 16 slot armor layering system to truly and fully customize your character. The 16 slots are divided into:

  • 6 body slots (cloth, chainmail, plate, sleeves, gloves, coat/hood).
  • 4 leg slots (trousers, chainmail, armor, boots) .
  • 4 head slots (coif, chainmail, helmet, necklace).
  • 2 jewelry slots (ring, spur).

According to the devs a wisely chosen piece of armor can make a difference between life and death.

The weapons and armor in Kingdom Come Deliverance can be destroyed, which can decrease the effectiveness and quality of it. Just go to the local smith or use the grindstone yourself to keep your gear in good condition.

Also survival is important, if the player is injured then it will be difficult to do pretty much everything. So keep your character well slept and fed, also wounds can be treated with medicine, food or sleep.

No exact release date has been announced, but Kingdom Come Deliverance will release in 2017 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.