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Street Fighter V Cinematic Story Mode Update Fixes Detailed

Street Fighter V Story mode update fixes have been detailed. According to a post on Capcom Unity, the developer detailed each fighter’s issue and its implemented fix.

It is a long list so we won’t sharing everything. Some of the highlights are posted below but you can head over to the link above for more details.

Street Fighter V Story Mode Update Fixes


Bug: Cammy’s Fatal Leg Twister cannot throw opponents who are in a couch state; however, when an opponent is coming out of a damage motion/animation and is attempting to crouch while coming out the animation, Cammy could through the opponent.

Fix: Cammy’s Fatal Leg Twister, a throw attack that is not meant to throw opponents in a crouching state, is no longer able to throw an opponent who is inputting a crouch while coming out of a damage motion/animation.


Bug: There is a section in Bull Slider’s hurt box that doesn’t contain a throw box, which unintentionally provided throw invincibility to Birdie.

Fix: There is now a throw box throughout the entire motion of Bull Slider.


Bug: When Guile’s Sonic Hurricane hits an airborne opponent right after the move becomes active, if the opponent performs a recovery, Guile would be put at about a 16 frame disadvantage.

Fix: Because this was an unintended circumstance, Sonic Hurricane has been adjusted so that in cases when it hits and only on hit, Guile will be able to move before his opponent.

Street Fighter V story mode is around 3-4 hours long and is for consoles and PC. You can pick up Street Fighter V on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.