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Pokemon Sun and Moon Southern Island Alola Guide Teased For Next Month on CoroCoro

“Southern Island Alola Guide” has been teased by the magazine CoroCoro, teasing yet more Pokemon news after revealing two new Pokemon this week, Kiteruguma and Mimikkyu. The guide is said to contain a large amount of information that will help trainers on their journey through the Alola Region and all of its islands.

The Alola Region is likely one of the most unique regions that we’ve seen in Pokemon, considering that instead of a mostly unified landmass it’s a small group of islands. The fact that it apparently lacks a true Pokemon League (which the plot may revolve around building) and any gym leaders (instead having “island leaders”) only add to this.

Whatever comes in the new CoroCoro issue will likely be a pretty big info-dump on at least one of the islands in Pokemon Sun and Moon, telling us not only about the island itself, but also what towns and cities are on it, and maybe even what Pokemon are there as well.

The Southern Island Alola Guide may also include a lot of new Pokemon when it comes, adding to the Pokemon that we’ve already seen. While we’ve seen around 20 Pokemon that will be in the Alola region so far, that still leaves us with several dozen others that will be needed to complete the requisite new 150 Pokemon that will come with the new generation.

Since Pokemon Sun and Moon are still a few months away before they get released we’ll still have a while to wait, but at the same time that still leaves us with a few more months to get more Pokemon revealed to us.

The Southern Island Alola Guide that’s going to feature in next month’s CoroCoro issue will likely be revealed a few days before the issue actually comes out if the internet holds to its typical tradition of leaking things before they’re supposed to come out.