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Secret Code Reveals Next Overwatch Character To Be Sombra, Is She?

Rumors were circulating the internet that the next Overwatch character is a support sniper, Pharah’s mother and will be Sombra. However, all the rumors were true except the character was Ana instead of Sombra. But the fans of the game are not giving up as they have found secret code in the latest trailer that points towards Sombra.

The name Sombra has been circulating around the Overwatch community for quite a while, and there are numerous references to her in the game. Reaper says her name in a voice line, also her name is written on a file in Dorado map. Fans are convinced that Sombra is the name of an unrevealed character that will be revealed in the future.

Soon after the origins trailer for Ana was released, the Overwatch subreddit quickly discovered sets of codded information hidden in the trailer. When this information is decoded there are two letters that stand out “Somb” and “Ra”.

However, Eurogamer did an in-depth analysis to decipher the code, also the codded information can be seen in seemingly blank flashes that come up at 1:16 and 2:11 in the trailer. Check them out below.

When this coded information is passed over an XOR cipher, the code reveals a repeating Spanish phrase which translates as “she who has the information, has the power”. Also Sombra is Spanish for Shadow, and there are two anomalies among the trailer “Somb” and “Ra”.

It is important to mention that the key constant used to decipher the codded information was number 23, and if Sombra is the next Overwatch character than she would be the 23rd.

The possibilities of Sombra being the next Overwatch character are getting more and more strong, and also game director Jeff Kaplan has said that there are more clues to be found about Sombra.

Overwatch is an first person multiplayer shooter developed by Blizzard Entertainment for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.