Project Scorpio Attempts to Remove the Idea of Throwing Old Hardware Away

Project Scorpio is Microsoft’s brand new 4K compatible gaming machine. Many wonder if this new machine will shorten the lifespan of the base Xbox One. However, the idea behind Scorpio is compatibility. Gone are the days when upgrading to newer machines meant throwing older hardware away.

According to Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra, Project Scorpio will try to change the way gamers think. Compatibility is at core of Scorpio.

Compatibility has always been the thing that makes console generations define themselves: when you leave one and got to the next, you give up your games, you usually give up the hardware or throw it in a closet–that’s what we want to remove.

We’re focusing more on how do we deliver gaming in a boundless way to our players. We announced three platforms–today’s Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Scorpio. We’re giving gamers the choice to say, ‘I want to invest in these particular games and this particular hardware, and I want those to work going forward, I don’t want to have to worry about giving that up

They are doing something similar to mobile apps that work across different hardware specs. Microsoft will support all Xbox One models with the latest games at the same time.

We recently spoke with Fe developers and asked if developing for Project Scorpio and PlayStation 4 Neo is complicated:

Their comments shed some light of the development side of these machines.

It all depends on how Sony and Microsoft implement it and what trends take hold, because that is going to decide how big a difference we as developers will be expected to make between the two versions. I hope that everyone involved is committed to making the “basic” versions play and look great first and foremost – if developers start to get sloppy and release games that are really intended for the upgraded machines, then we’re messing with the safe, convenient environment that is the whole point of playing on console to begin with. As long as it’s just a matter of scaling up the resolution for the upgraded consoles and enabling prettier VR, perhaps adding a few effects here and there, we’re absolutely on board.

Project Scorpio and PlayStation 4 Neo will release in 2017.

Source: The Guardian