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Pokemon Go Plus May Be Launching On July 29

A rumor has begun to circulate saying that the Pokemon Go Plus, an accessory device to the wildly popular Pokemon Go mobile game, may be releasing on July 29. The device is intended to help people with catching Pokemon when they can’t do it on their phone.

The rumor started because of a posting by Amazon Japan, which may have leaked the release date, if July 29 is in fact when it will release. The page was pulled down a short time later, but by then it was too late.

All three involved corporations (Nintendo, Niantic, and Amazon) have refused to comment on the possible leak, so we’ll just have to wait for July 29 to roll around to see if the Pokemon Go Plus is indeed launching on that date.

The Pokemon Go Plus is a wristwatch-like device that syncs with your phone (either iPhone or Android) through Bluetooth. When both spot a Pokemon they’ll buzz, alerting you to the Pokemon’s presence.

The main advantage of the Plus over a regular phone, however, is that with the Plus all you have to do is press a button to try and catch the Pokemon, rather than opening the app on your phone and trying to find it.

The Plus will also work with various PokeStops, which give you items as you come across them. These items can be anything from Poke Balls to Potions, to Revives to Eggs. All of this without ever having to look at your smartphone.

Considering the numerous ways that Pokemon Go has been in the news lately (including numerous car accidents, some robberies, walking mishaps, and one girl finding a dead body that wasn’t related to the game), buying a Pokemon Go Plus for 35 dollars may be a much safer bet, especially if you’re one of those people that can’t resist checking to see if you’re driving past any Pokemon while you’re in your car.