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City Spirit Go, A Pokémon Go Clone On Chinese iOS Store Already Available

There is no denying it, Pokémon Go is a massive phenomenon right now. The smartphone game, published by The Pokémon Company which is owned by Nintendo, has even crossed more than 15 million downloads and there are still huge areas of the world where it hasn’t officially launched yet.

Well if it exists then you can be sure there is Chinese clone of it, as seen recently in the case of Overwatch. Pokémon Go is no different and a Chinese clone of the game recently popped up over the internet by the name of City Spirit Go.

While it may not be a ditto (no pun intended) copy, City Spirit Go has pretty much all the gameplay mechanics of Pokémon Go except the use of Augmented Reality, which is actually one of the coolest things about Pokémon Go.

Players still have to travel around to discover their desired Pokémon. Instead of AR to guide them, there is a cartoony map in game.

The clone is available on Chinese iOS app store and seems to be getting really good reviews and topping the local charts.

The developer, identified as Xiaoyu Sun in the App Store, has only published this one title. The game was apparently released on March 24th, shortly after Pokémon Go entered beta stage in Japan.

Obviously the developers of City Spirit Go had to work a decent amount of time to create a good quality clone, even the game’s icon looks like a hybrid between Pikachu and a raccoon. The game also includes in-app purchases, most expensive one being around $97!

This isn’t really a surprise since the iOS store is filled with dozens of rip-off games, mostly clones of Nintendo’s titles. There is actually another copy of Pokémon Go as well by the name of Go Catch ‘Em All but it doesn’t seem to be good one judging by its bad reviews.