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Peter Moore: Games Will Be Delayed Because Of Pokemon GO [Pun Intended]

Pokemon Go is everywhere since it was released last week, people all over the US are playing the game regardless of their task at hand. While this massive popularity of Pokemon Go is a good thing for its developer and publisher, on the other hand this game is causing problems for other developers.

Some developers are just playing Pokemon Go instead of developing a game, and According to COO of EA Sports, Pokemon Go will cause their games to delay. Peter Moore took it to the Twitter and joked about the popularity of Pokemon Go, saying that the game was released to ensure that EA games get delayed as all the developer are playing it instead of working.

It comes as no surprise that everyone is playing this Pokemon game, as the game has surpassed Candy Crush to become the biggest mobile game.

However, the game is only available in New Zealand, US and Australia, and the rest of the world is just waiting for the game to release in their region. But some desperate Chinese fans are trying different methods to download it in their region, and they have found a way to get it.

Chinese Pokemon fans are now buying Australian and US App Store accounts, through China’s largest online store, to download Pokemon Go on their devices. One of the online store has sold 5000 App Store accounts, while a few others have sold 1000 App Store accounts each.

But, downloading the game using these accounts have not solved their problems, as many are reporting that there are no Pokemon to catch and the maps are barren. This might be happening due to the fact that the game has not been officially released in China.

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game developed by Niantic Inc for Android and iOS.