Persona 5 Dungeons Will Not Be Random Like Previous Iterations

Barely two months away from its Japanese release, some news has emerged regarding Persona 5 through translated scans. It seems like Persona 5 dungeons won’t be randomly generated as was previously expected from the upcoming JRPG by Atlus.

No Randomly Generated Dungeons in Persona 5

Given the delay in game’s release as well as Atlus’ statements to make the dungeons unique, many people thought Persona 5 will feature randomly generated dungeons just like Persona 3 and 4.

The previous entries had thematically designed but random dungeons that amped up the replay value and fun for at least some of the players. Persona 5 on the other hand will have fixed ‘Palaces’ although they will all be unique in their own regard with enjoyable puzzles.

Persona 5 Dungeons Scans
Persona 5 will also feature a newly revamped Social Link system now known as Social Status with branches like Knowledge, Charm and Courage.

The scans, which basically highlight the information revealed during E3 2016, also shed light on the new battle system and Third Eye.

Third Eye is a skill which players can use in dungeons/palaces. It allows them to see through traps and secrets and help navigate through the dungeon. Just like the phantoms in Dark Souls games, players will be able to use Third Eye to follow footsteps to their destinations.

Persona 5 will be adopting a more realistic approach unlike previous games. Instead of fictional locations, it will be set in Tokyo, Japan. The game’s setting will also be a mix between the drama of Persona 4 and a flamboyant style of storytelling.

While Persona 5 is only being released for PS3 and PS4, the anticipation for it is definitely high even for people relatively new to the franchise. After all, Persona 4 Golden was considered one of the best JRPG titles ever. The game is set to launch in Japan in September while the North American version will release in 2017.