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No Man’s Sky ESRB Rating is Teen Due To Fantasy Violence

With the announcement of No Man’s Sky gone gold, fans have gotten really excited for the game to finally release. Now. No Man’s Sky ESRB rating has been revealed to be Teen, due to its contents categorized as fantasy violence.

According to No Man’s Sky ESRB rating summary, the game is a space exploration adventure game in which the players take on the role of a planetary explorer, whose quest is to reach the center of the universe.¬†As players pilot spacecrafts to different planets, they can engage in space combat against enemy ships and space pirates.

No Man’s Sky’s development has been completed, and the fans are excited to get there hands on the game.

No Mans’s Sky is scheduled to release on August 9th, however, originally the game was to be released in June, but got delayed.

In the aftermath of No Man’s Sky delay, the founder of Hello Games, Sean Murray, received death threats from some emotionally sensitive gamers. However, in June Sean Murray announced that a lawsuit, that the game was facing because of the word “Sky” in the game’s title, has been settled and finally they can release the game.

The file size for No Man’s Sky on disc, according to Sean Muray himself, is 6 GB, which is way low given that AAA games usually have a size of 30 GB on average.

He also announced that the first update for No Man’s Sky has been in development, but did not specified if its going to be a day one patch or not.

No Man’s Sky is being developed by Hello Games, and is scheduled to release on August 9th, 2016 for PC and PlayStation 4. The Game seems to have a lot of potential and expectations and after a long development period, it will finally be released to masses and we are expecting it to be a unique experience for everyone.