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New League of Legends Update 6.15 Live on PBE, New Skins and Some Changes

A new League of Legends update has hit the League of Legends Public Beta Environment, where interested players can go in order to test out changes that will go on to be part of the main League of Legends game.

This update comes with a number of new skins and balance changes to various characters.

To start off with, we have various updates to last year’s PROJECT skins, which give several characters in the game a set of new futuristic costumes. These characters include Ashe, Ekko, and Katarina, and Yasuo. These skins are also coming with new loading screens as well.

Other changes in the new League of Legends update are addressing the PROJECT skins of Yi, Fiora, Lucian, Zed, and Leona.

There are also various balance changes for numerous heroes and items. Nidalee has had numerous changes made to the abilities of both her human and her cheetah forms, with damage from various abilities being both increased and decreased.

Renekton’s Dominus ability has also been adjusted. His Fury gain has been reverted to 5 fury per second, compared to his earlier 6 fury per second. It also gains 20 fury immediately on use.

Taliyah’s Threaded Volley tooltip has also been fixed, though the ability itself hasn’t been changed.

When it comes to items, the Ardent Censer, and Mikael’s Crucible have both been given 15% buffs to Shield and Health.

With all of these adjustments now on the Public Beta Environment, it’s only a matter of time until the next League of Legends update also puts them into the main game. There may be a variety of changes even before then, however, if Riot thinks that the changes are too strong or too weak then they’ll likely end up making more adjustments before they put things out.

There’s no real guarantee of when the actual update will come out, but hopefully it will be soon.