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Final Fantasy XV and Final Fantasy VII Remake for Nintendo NX Not in Development

For weeks, rumors have been swirling around that the newest entry in the Final Fantasy franchise, Final Fantasy XV, and the Final Fantasy VII remake could be coming to Nintendo’s newest console, NX.

The source of these rumors, Youtuber “SuperMetaldave64,” had also reported other insider details about the inner workings of the Nintendo NX. Some of the videos pertaining to these rumors have been taken down some time ago.

The final nail in the coffin, at least pertaining to current plans, came today as Game Reactor had interviewed Director Hajime Tabata and asked him about the credibility of these rumors, specifically if Final Fantasy XV is indeed coming to the Nintendo NX.

Tabata has confirmed that there are currently no plans by his team to port Final Fantasy XV to the Nintendo NX, but he expressed that he has high expectations for it. Now, this only means that Tabata’s team is not currently developing a Final Fantasy XV port to the Nintendo NX, moreover he did not address whether or not the Final Fantasy VII remake will make it to the NX either.

Plans always change and it’s entirely possible that Tabata and his team are focusing on perfecting the game first on the PS4 and Xbox One, before moving on to the Nintendo NX.
Final Fantasy XV has been in development since 2006, going through many different iterations in its name, developing team and engine. The game went into actual production September 2011, when it took on its current iteration and name.

Nintendo NX was announced back in March 2015 as a “dedicated games platform with a brand new concept” with a release date in March 2017. Nintendo have been pretty tight lipped about any information, leading to lots of rumors and speculation.

Hopes are high though and we are hoping that the new console will bring Nintendo right back into the game.