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Xbox One S Kinect Adapter Will Cost $39 On Release

If you were wondering if the Xbox One S and the Xbox One Scorpio would have Kinect, you’re in luck (maybe). According to Xbox Support, even though the Xbox One S and Xbox One Scorpio won’t have an input port for Kinect, the Xbox One S Kinect Adapter will cost you 39 dollars if you want to continue using the Kinect.

News had originally come out that neither one of the upcoming versions of the Xbox One console would have Kinect ports, as a sign of Microsoft moving away from its motion-tracking interface that had gotten anywhere from mixed to negative reviews when its motion interface was used with games that required it. One of the Xbox One’s launch titles, The Fighter Within, even used the Kinect as its primary control scheme. Unsurprisingly, the game got panned.

Star Wars Kinect was another attempt, and while that one was somewhat more successful it still got criticism due to the motion controls still being dodgy.

If anything, the only area that Kinect had any success in was its voice command system, and even that was somewhat dodgy due to the Kinect sometimes not picking up voices, not understanding language, or mishearing things.

However, if you still want to buy an Xbox One S Kinect Adapter in order to continue using your Kinect for motion-tracking or for using voice-commands on your Xbox One, you’ll have to purchase the adapter for 39 US dollars. If you want to trade in your Xbox One console to get an Xbox One S, however, you can get the adapter for free.

If you still want to use voice commands without buying the adapter, you’ll have to purchase a headset and communicate with your Xbox One through Cortana, Microsoft’s alternative to Siri and other voice-command personalities. Other than that, the fad of motion controls that the Wii began may finally be on its way out.