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Valve Demands Steam Gambling Sites Cease Operations Through Platform

Amid the controversy of Steam gambling sites that have the internet in such an uproar, Valve is now kicking them out. The decision comes after Valve was served with a lawsuit because of the gambling controversy, which affected one of the most popular free-to-play games on the service, Counter Strike: Go.

The controversy over Steam gambling sites came after a revelation that two YouTubers, Syndicate and TmarTn, promoted a gambling website for Counter Strike: Go called CSGO Lotto.

They were then discovered, through various flubs in editing and sharp-eyed viewers, to actually own said website, inflating their wins by playing against dummy accounts.

Through these fraudulent videos, the pair persuaded a large number of players to use the website, gambling various skins and other accessories as a new version of casino chips in order to earn actual money.

As CS GO is available to kids 13 and over, in addition to fraud and violating Steam’s terms of service, they were also convincing minors to gamble, another crime.

Syndicate and TmarTn aren’t the only YouTubers that are in trouble either. Various games like JoshOG and PsiSyndicate have also admitted to sponsoring and having money invested in CSGO Lotto.

They’ve been doing damage control on their own channels as well, though it’s likely too late for them.

While Valve had nothing to do with the scandal, the site was still based through Steam due to Counter Strike: Go being on the client, while taking advantage of Steam’s trading system to acquire their ill-gotten gains.

They wouldn’t be the first either, especially considering that Las Vegas is doing their best to try and attract gaming gamblers.

Now that Valve is ordering all of the Steam gambling sites that use Steam to get out it’s likely that Valve will now be much more vigilant when it comes to allowing games with player-controlled economies onto its client.

YouTubers will also now have to be more honest, considering the consequences that will be coming from this.