Pokemon Sun and Moon Trailer From Japan

A couple of hours ago, the Pokemon Sun and Moon Dual Pack preorder for the western audience went live exclusively at Amazon, and now we have an even better update for you. A new Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer has been released by the developers.

The Pokemon Company has been regularly updating fans of the game on their progress for both, the western as well as the eastern audience. However, the trailer in question is in Japanese and naturally, released for the game’s
promotion in Japan.

While any longstanding fan of the Pokemon series would recognize that the word “adventure” goes hand in hand with any Pokemon title, the developers have tried to highlight the adventurous touch they have given to the upcoming games with this new Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer.

Amidst all the flashy moves of the Pokemon and the interesting poses of the protagonist, the trailer has some clippings that appear to be previously unseen, or relating to newly revealed features of the game.

For instance, there is one part of the trailer where they show off how the players are going to be able to ride other Pokemon while playing Pokemon Sun and Moon.

There are some other interesting glimpses too, like at one point there is a trading session going on during which Kiteruguma’s newly surfaced 3D models are also shown. If you are interesting in getting a look at them properly, go slow at the 1:32 minute mark.

The Kiteruguma and Mimikkyu Pokemon were both leaked together very recently and we have covered the leak in great detail here. Another very recent leak has also revealed how the Starter Pokemon Evolutions work in the twin games alongside some Gym Leaders and much more.

Watch the Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer above and tell us how hyped are you now aabotu November 18 when the game releases to Nintendo 3DS.