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Pokemon Sun And Moon Leak Reveals Two New Pokemon, Kiteruguma and Mimikkyu

Seems like Pokemon Sun and Moon can’t catch a break from all these leaks. With recent Pokemon Sun And Moon leak like the concept art that revealed the evolution of the starter Pokemon or multiple new Pokemon leaked just couple of weeks ago, this time more Pokemon have been leaked for the upcoming Pokemon Sun And Moon.


The leak comes all the way from CoroCoro which reveals that two new Pokemon Kiteruguma and Mimikkyu are coming to Pokemon Sun And Moon. 

Kiteruguma is a normal/fighting type Pokemon, and comes with either of these two abilities: Fluffy or Klutz. This cute looking Pokemon might seem harmless, but it is feared Alola for its formidable strength.

A word of caution for all the trainers out there, Kiteruguma likes to give hugs but beware as these hugs could be painful.

The second Pokemon coming to Pokemon Sun And Moon is Mimikkyuis a ghost/ fairy type Pokemon and comes with an ability called Disguise. 

Mimikkyu dislikes sunlight and tries its best to avoid it, by hiding in the dark under its cloth. Also there is a rumor that if someone removes its cloth i.e disguise, will become ill, most probably because of its ugliness.

The cloth that Mimikkyu wears is based upon Pikachu, as this Pokemon wants to be loved just as much as the popular mascot.

This is not the first Pokemon Sun And Moon leak by CoroCoro regarding new Pokemon. Recently, CoroCoro leaked Nekkoala and Iwanko, the two new Pokemon coming to Pokemon Sun And Moon. 

Nekkoala is based on a Koala, and like the animal Nekkoala is known as half awake Pokemon. Iwanko is the dog like Pokemon and is known as Puppy Pokemon, and it is a rock type Pokemon.

Pokemon Sun And Moon is developed by Game Freak, and is scheduled to release on November 18 for Nintendo 3DS.