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Playstation Network is Down For Many Gamers, Are You Facing Issues?

Playstation Network is down, and it’s not because of the server maintenance that Sony promised yesterday. That maintenance isn’t scheduled to start until next Monday, but it seems like the Playstation online services require some emergency attention that can’t afford to wait until then. As you might imagine, gamers aren’t happy about this.

The Playstation Facebook and Twitter pages have both been inundated with a large amount of complaints from gamers on the Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 that are unable to sign in, play games, or launch apps. Considering that the Overwatch craze still hasn’t really died down yet, many Overwatch players are also affected.

The fact that Playstation Network is down is also affecting various single-player games that require a constant connection to the internet to work, meaning that if you’re a Destiny or The Division player that like to go it alone, you can’t log in either.

Playstation so far hasn’t reacted to the downtime in any way, and their official website also hasn’t been updated to reflect the down time. There’s no telling how long the network will be down for either; last year in 2015 Playstation Network had a number of instances of downtime that lasted for hours, or even days.

Microsoft and its Xbox Live service also had a number of issues with keeping the service up and running, but nothing compared to the issues that Sony had. Both services have also been more stable in recent months.

There are a number of reasons as to why this might be happening; the problem may be server issues on Playstation’s end, or it could be yet another DDOS attack like the many that have made Playstation Network go down in the past, which also resulted in multiple data breaches (one of which resulted in a Congressional inquiry.

Hopefully Playstation will soon realize that the Playstation Network is down and start rushing to fix it. They may even step up the timetable for the server maintenance to prevent this from happening again.