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Platinum Games Exec Says The Studio Needs Its own IP To Survive

Platinum Games have built a reputation of developing combat focused games, while some of them are licensed from other IPs and some of them have been their original work. However, none of them are their own IPs, and according to Atsushi Inaba, Platinum Games need have its own IP if the studio wants to survive in the future.

Speaking with USgamer, Platinum Games co-founder, Atsushi Inaba, said that the company needs to develop its own original games, if it wants to thrive in the future.

He further said that the studio’s efforts mostly have been short term measure to generate revenue and said that Platinum Games “doesn’t have a future” unless it develops its own IPs.

The company doesn’t really have a future unless we develop our own original IPs.

He further said that Platinum Games does not own any original IP, and they are getting used to developing sequels.

Because we don’t have our own original IP, we don’t have the chance to develop it, publish it. We’re trying to get used to the cycle of making sequels.

Inaba also said that the difference between them and other studios is that, Platinum Games does not have any IPs to call its own.

One big difference between Platinum and other studios like it is that Platinum doesn’t have any IPs to call its own. Even Bayonetta, which is closely associated with Platinum, belongs to Sega. Platinum must develop its own IPs and leverage them to have any success in the current environment.

Currently Platinum Games is developing Scalebound, an open world action RPG, however, even that belongs to Microsoft. When asked if the company has any new IP in development, Inaba said that nothing has been announced.

Scalebound’s director Hideki Kamiya said that partnership with Microsoft has been interesting and necessary to bring Scalebound’s vision to fruition.