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Fake Nintendo NX Controller Up For Sale On eBay

A few months ago, images of a new controller leaked over the internet and the creator of those images, Reddit user Idriss2Dev claimed they were of Nintendo NX Controller.

Idriss later admitted they were Fake Nintendo NX Controller images, he even ended up showing their creation process in a video.

Well it seems like someone thought these fakes were snazzy enough to be sold on eBay, and that too at an insane price point.

One of these fake controllers is now up on eBay with the description “official Replica Nintendo NX development Controller” along with the information that they are extremely rare since only five of these replicas (which are fake) were ever created.

To make matters even more interesting, there is actually no guarantee that it is one of those original ‘fake’ controllers and could very well end up being a knock-off of those knock-offs.

The bidding for these controllers starts at $4,000 while for those with too much money lying around, the Buy It Now price is $10,000. So basically you will be paying a considerable portion of your yearly salary to a 3D printed model, that will serve as a paper weight, of a patented controller, which no one from the general public has actually seen it.

Trolling aside, people have high hopes from Nintendo NX and for the time being, no one outside the company knows how exactly Nintendo NX Controller would look like.

Nintendo has managed to keep thing tight as they are afraid of the technology being stolen (strange, right?). Anyway, the console is expected to come out sometime in 2017 and its reveal has wildly been speculated to be this year.