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A Killer Instinct Definitive Edition Has Been Leaked by Retailers

A Killer Instinct Definitive Edition may have just been leaked by retailers, which likely will contain every possible character and stage that are available in the current version of the game.

These include everyone from Jago, Hisako, Thunder, and Sabrewulf to Tusk, the Arbiter, General RAAM, and Rash.

The listings that leaked a Killer Instinct Definitive Edition include both Amazon UK (they really need to improve their security or at least teach their employees patience) and Newegg. According to them, the game will be coming out in August.

Killer Instinct has been called one of the Xbox’s best fighting games. With a wide variety of characters including three from some of the most popular gaming series in history, the game has a wide variety of characters for many playstyles. The game’s pounding music is also another point in its favor. It can even sync up to your combos, if you’re doing really well.

While Killer Instinct is free to download for all Xbox One owners, you’ll still need to pay for nearly ever other character beyond the few that already come with the game.

While Killer Instinct is no Street Fighter 5 or Mortal Kombat, it still has a long history as a game originally developed by Rare before their acquisition by Microsoft. It ended up being part of the Rare Replay game that came out back in 2015, which was a collection of 30 games that Rare had released in its 30 years of life.

The new Killer Instinct released in 2013 as an Xbox One launch title, and in the three years since its release it has come out with a wide variety of characters, ranging from original ones like the immortal Viking Tusk, to the skeletal Spinal, to the Arbiter, General RAAM, and Rash.

If Killer Instinct Definitive Edition is truly going to be coming out in August, that would be the perfect time to buy the game if you haven’t bought it yet, but are interested.