How Pokemon Go CP Works, Combat Point Tips, How to Increase

One gauge that you have been given to evaluate your opponents in Pokemon Go is Combat Points aka CP. This is not only important in the case of evaluating the enemy but also the primary element that will grow as your Pokemon evolves and upgrades.

This is an introductory guide for those of you who have just started playing the insanely popular mobile game bu Niantic and wish to get a grip on how the essential system of Pokemon Go Combat Points works.

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Pokemon Go Combat Points Tips

The first encounter you will have with these is when you are inspecting your own Pokemon by opening it up on screen or when you stumble across your first Pokemon out there.

Combat Points are represented beside the Level circle that goes around the Pokemon as well as a number that is attached to it like CP104. This number could be a little less or a little more in the beginning but, as you progress in the game it will get higher.

You would want to upgrade your Pokemon and every time you do that, the CP of that Pokemon will go up and simultaneously, as you level up your trainer, Pokemon Go will start spawning Pokemon with a higher CP level to match your skills.

The CP of every Pokemon is basically a meter of their strength that has a base in combat level as well as other variants that help gauge it evolving the Pokemon will readily increase the CP.

In practice, if a Pokemon has higher CP than the opponent, it will deal more damage to it and help you succeed (or make you lose?) in the fight.

Pokemon Go Tips for Increasing Combat Power
We know that there are two items in Pokemon Go that play an essential role in upgradations namely Stardust and Candy. Out of these, Stardust’s only job is to help you increase the CP of your Pokemon while Candy, if it is specific to the specie in question, can be used alongside Stardust to achieve the same outcome.

The third surefire way of getting a jump in the CP of any given Pokemon is a direct evolution, of course.

How Much Candy and Stardust?

Well, on average a jump of between 20 to 80 CP can be achieved if you have at least one Candy and as much as 200 to 800 points of Stardust.

On the other hand, if you have been lucky and you have specie specific Candy with you, you will not need any Stardust as you will be able to evolve the Pokemon.

While the amount of Candy varies from Pokemon to Pokemon and from evolutionary level to evolutionary level, typically you would be required anything between 10 Candy to 400 Candy for a given Pokemon evolution.

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While that is all for now, do let us know if you have any tips up your sleeve!