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Hideo Kojima Reveals More About Death Stranding, Wanted to Show a Naked and Crying Norman

Death Stranding was announced at E3 2016 as a PlayStation 4 exclusive. The title is under development at Kojima Productions in partnership with Sony Interactive Entertainment. Norman Reedus is playing the lead role in Death Stranding.

The footage we saw at E3 showed a very emotional side of Norman Reedus. His calm, cold and collective persona was thrown out the window by Hideo Kojima.

According to Hideo Kojima, he wanted to show a naked, crying Norman in Death Stranding. A different and unique side of the man, presented in a way that is fresh for the viewers.

Hideo Kojima and his team worked really hard on Norman’s motion capture, performance capture, and character animations.

This is the very first time Hideo Kojima has used performance capture. Usually, motion capture is mixed with the actor’s voice. ¬†However, Norman performed every aspect all at once, similar to a movie.

Hideo Kojima also hinted that Death Stranding might not be the final or complete title of the new game. Furthermore, those five figures we saw in the trailer are called “Death Strandings,” according to Hideo Kojima. They may have control over death and life, presumably.

Hideo Kojima’s next game is without a release date. PC version is in consideration, however, don’t expect it to hit Xbox.

Hideo Kojima left Konami last year after finalizing Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. The future of Metal Gear hangs in the balance as Konami is busy making Pachinko machines out of its most popular franchises.

Anyways, before you leave do let us know what you think of and expect from  Death Stranding.

Source: Hideo Kojima