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New For Honor Video Shows Game’s First Mission, Played as Warden

At E3 2016 we saw a lot of For Honor video footage that showed that the game’s single-player campaign wouldn’t be half-assed despite the game’s apparent emphasis on multiplayer gameplay. While much emphasis was given to the Warborn gameplay video, there was also a second video that focused on the Legions.

In the very first mission, you play as the Warden, one of the game’s three protagonists alongside the Chosen’s Kensei and the Warborn’s Raider. At the time, you’re only a lowly soldier that’s defending the castle of one of the many nobles of the Knights, who’s fighting against a rival that’s besieging his castle.

Throughout the mission in the For Honor video, players learn the basics of the Art of Battle system that For Honor’s combat is built around. At the end, you put everything you’ve learned to the test as you duel a knight in single combat, before finally being knighted as a member of the Blackstone Legion, taking you out of your former lord’s service and into the service of his rival.

This is only the beginning of what players in For Honor will be doing as they fight against the vicious Legions warlord Apollyon, who desires to drown the world in unending war.

At the same time each of the protagonists’s factions will also be fighting one another as part of the millennium of war that we saw in the story mode trailer released at E3.

For Honor is slated to come out on Valentine’s Day of next year on the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC. If you sign up for Uplay, you’ll have a chance to be able to play the For Honor Alpha and Beta when they come out.

In the meantime, in the seven months until For Honor comes out, we’ll jsut have to eagerly watch and wait and see how one of Ubisoft’s new IPs will shape up.