Only Five People Knew About Death Stranding Before E3 2016

One of the biggest surprises of E3 2016 was Death Stranding, A Hideo Kojima game. Sony announced the title during its press event. Kojima Productions and Sony had been in a partnership for a short time so it was a shocker to see Death Stranding so soon.

Kojima Productions kept the game so close to its chest that only a handful of people knew about it. According to Hideo Kojima, in order to avoid leaks only five people at Sony knew about Death Stranding before E3.

Hideo Kojima “absolutely didn’t want this to be leaked.” And it is safe to say Hideo Kojima did an excellent job. Earlier, Kojima shared tidbits about the game. The legendary developer explained how they used performance capture for the very first time.

This is Kojima’s very first game after leaving Konami late last year.┬áThe title is surrounded by mystery but we expect details in the coming months. Possibly, at PlayStation Experience in December.

For more on Death Stranding, stay-tuned!

Source: Hideo Kojima