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FIFA 16 update 1.07 Goes Live, Fixes The Chemistry Glitch

FIFA is one of the most popular sports franchise by Electronic Arts, with FIFA 17 about to release in September many speculated that EA Sports would probably stop supporting FIFA 16. However, EA Sports has released FIFA 16 update 1.07 which addresses the chemistry glitch that causes issues in the micro-transactions of the game, and players end up buying useless things.

FIFA 16 update 1.07 addresses the inconsistencies in the Chemistry and Fitness on some of the FIFA 16 FUT items. In FUT players could purchase new players through micro-transactions and allowed the players to tweak the stats on these players. However, a glitch caused some of the stats being rendered useless. EA had promised a fix for the issue once it was discovered, and it seems that we it now.

FIFA is the only EA Sports game available for PC, and many have wondered that it is odd that EA won’t bring its other sports title to PC. EA Canada Vice President Matt Bilbey has answered the question that it is just a matter of demand, as other EA Sports titles are not demand as much as FIFA on PC.

Soon FIFA 17 will replace FIFA 16 and it will be interesting to see that how long will EA Sports will support the older version. FIFA 17 is making some changes to its formula, along with a new game engine.

According to lead gaemplay producer, Sam Revira, FIFA 17 set pieces have changed quite a bit and they impact the game as a whole.

FIFA 17 is scheduled to release on September 27, 2016 for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and  Xbox 360. FIFA 17 will also feature a story mode dubbed as “The Journey”, in this mode players will be playing as up and coming football player Alex hunter, as he try to make it to the top of the Premiere League.