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Chinese Pokemon Fans Buying App Store Accounts To Play Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is not available in countries other than US, Australia and New Zealand, while the rest of the world waits for the game to release in their region, desperate Chinese fans have found a way to play Pokemon go.

Pokemon fans in China are desperate to get heir hands of this new game, as Chinese gamers have tried a variety of methods to download the game. However, some Chinese fans have risen up to the challenge, as the game is only available in three countries, so they are selling App Store accounts on China’s largest online store, Taobao.

The prices for these accounts range from 2 yuan ($0.30) and 15 yuan ($2.24), after that the game is free access. What is more interesting is that one of the more popular online store in China has sold almost 5000 accounts, and a few have sold 1000 accounts each.

Even if they buy these accounts and are able to download the game, the issue does not ends there as there are more obstacles to overcome. Pokemon Go has not been officially released in China, so some users are reporting that the maps are barren and there are no Pokemon to catch.

Nintendo is blocking those accounts whose GPS location is coming from China, so the users are faking their location to be in US. On Taobao, the stores have added the disclaimer that the accounts are just for getting access to App Store, and they don’t guarantee gameplay and will not offer any refunds.

Popularity of Pokemon Go seems to be increasing and there are no signs of it stopping, but you have to admit that Chinese players have gone to another level of desperation.

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Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game developed by Niantic Inc for iOS and Android.