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Sony: PlayStation Neo is a PS4, No Plans to Change Sales Strategy

Things have become a little bit complicated with the announcement of Xbox One S and Xbox One Scorpio by Microsoft and announcement of PlayStation Neo by Sony. Some confused fans are speculating that the next console generation will start in 2017, however, Atsushi Morita thinks otherwise.

Speaking with Famitsu, president of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Atsushi Morita, cleared some of the confusion revolving around the PlayStation Neo. According to Morita, the concept of console cycles has been around since the beginning of the game industry, and PlayStation has followed this cycle. However, the line between video games and entertainment has blurred and it is time to move beyond the usual console cycle.

To justify his point, Morita explained that PC and smartphones are upgraded after a relatively short period of time, so following this upgrade cycle there is an added value by introducing a high-end PlayStation 4 in the middle of current console cycle.

However, he made it clear that PlayStation Neo is an high-end PlayStation 4 and belongs to the current console cycle and is essentially an PS4.

When asked about any possibility of price cuts for the PlayStation 4 itself, Morita said that he can’t say anything specifically in that matter. He further explained that Sony’s strategy for PlayStation 4 has revolved around game sales, bundles and special editions, and this strategy has proved correct til now so there is no plans to change it.

Unlike Microsoft revealing Xbox One Scorpio during E3, Sony skipped PlayStation Neo from its E3 conference. According to Jim Ryan, the PlayStation Europe boss, there are two reasons for that, first one Sony wanted PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR to be the focus of E3, and the second reason was that Sony was waiting to have something to show.

PlayStation Neo is will be more powerful that PlayStation 4 and will be capable of 4K gaming. However, Sony has not yet announced that when PlayStation Neo will be revealed.