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Pokemon Go Update Fixes Bugs, Crashes, and Google Security Issues

The first Pokemon Go update has just come out, fixing a number of issues in the game. While we won’t likely be seeing any features that were reputed to be part of it (yet), the game will have more security in it, and won’t ask for too much invasive questions.

For instance, now you won’t have to give your entire Google account to the game when you log in. Now, all you have to put in is your name and your email address. You also don’t have to re-enter your login information if you’re logged out by force.

The Pokemon Go update has also fixed stability on the Pokemon Go Trainer Club log-in option, which was an alternative to the Google log-in.

Other fixes included crash fixing and the aforementioned Google account scoping.

Pokemon Go only was released a few days ago, but already has had a massive response. The game has been downloaded over 7.5 million times and has seen Nintendo’s stock skyrocket by eight points. It’s now generating over 3 million dollars a day for Nintendo through its microtransactions system, where you can buy various items to help you capture more Pokemon.

The Google fix in the Pokemon Go update came in response to a revelation that the game was asking for the entirety of people’s Google accounts, which some might see as a security risk that would allow hackers to access their Google accounts.

Now, thankfully, the game won’t ask you for those details, and as said above it will only ask for your name and your email address.

More Pokemon Go update patches will likely come in the future, so until then we can continue catching as many of the 130+ Pokemon that are available in the game right now that will likely be added to as Pokemon Go’s lifespan goes on.