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Pokemon GO Gets Full Access to Your Google Account on iOS without Permission

Pokemon GO is installed on millions of cell phones right now. In exchange for allowing you to catch Pokémon in the real world; however, Pokemon GO catches full access to your google account.

It seems that as of right now, Pokemon GO can obtain full access of registered players’ accounts.

Usually, installed apps ask the permission of users for actions the app needs to do. Reportedly, Pokemon GO does no such thing. This issue is also not a universal one. It’s only limited to some iOS users.

The Android version seems to be consistent with the privileges granted to the app with some players noting that the app obtains no extra permissions on their phones, though it still has its issues. This gives credence to the fact that this may be nothing more than a bug, rather than an intentional decision.

It appears that this is not the first time Niantic have been in the limelight over privacy issues.

The introduction of Niantic’s previous hit augmented reality app Ingress was met by skepticism from some due to the amount of information and data it collects. The kind of information and permissions in Ingress was consistent with what Google Apps ask for as Niantic was originally owned by Google.

Either way, it seems Niantic has not yet given any public acknowledgement to this predicament. I have confirmed that the app did indeed obtain full access to my account information on my I-phone without my permission.

If Pokemon GO does indeed have full access to your Google account and you value privacy and are looking for a temporary solution, simply head to your Google account security page and remove the app to revoke all its access. Also, take the time to read Niantic’s privacy policy.

We will keep you up to date whenever Niantic addresses the issue.