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NPD Making Changes to Its Tracking System to Add Digital Game Sales

NPD sales data holds a solid reputation among the community and publications. Its numbers are accurate enough to give us an idea of a game’s performance. However, it only tracks retail numbers.

Thankfully, they will start tracking digital as well.

Digital downloads make up a major portion of overall sales. It was only a matter of time before NPD made changes to its system.

According to NDP, it is making changes to its tracking methods to include digital game sales. For example, we have PlayStation Network, Steam, Xbox Live Marketplace etc.

NPD Adding Digital Game Sales

NPD Group Toys and Games boss Joanne Hageman shared the following statement:

As has been experienced across a wide variety of industries, digital has made a big impact on the overall gaming market, and we’ve risen to meet the demand for a reporting mechanism that tracks those sales in a timely and accurate way.

With the participation and support of leading publishers – whose cooperation makes this possible – we are excited to launch an industry-first service that addresses a long-standing need.
While digital gaming has exploded in the past several years, physical gaming sales, including hardware and accessories, have a major presence in this industry…With a more complete picture, participants are able to make better business decisions with a broader set of data.

Digital games market is booming but of course, retail is still a major aspect of the industry. Combining both digital and retail numbers will provide us a complete picture. Often, there are games that do well on digital platforms compared to retail.

Source: MCVUK