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Another Mixed Media Xbox Game Might Come From Microsoft, Despite Entertainment Studio Shutdown

There are only a few games in the game industry that utilizes the mixed media genre as good as Quantum Break does. However, Microsoft closed down its TV and film division back in 2014, but there are chances that another mixed media Xbox game like Quantum Break could be developed.

Speaking with The Guardian, Microsoft’s general manager, Shannon Loftis, said that she would love to work on another game mixed media Xbox game along the lines of Quantum Break, as motion capture has become more sophisticated.

Actually it’s getting easier. As performance capture becomes more sophisticated, the work to bridge the gap between the linear entertainment and the interactive element is becoming less and less. I would love to work on another mixed-media game.

Quantum Break was one of the few projects related to Xbox Entertainment Studio, that survived its shutdown in 2014, the other one surviving this shutdown was halo TV show. Microsoft has not said anything about Halo TV show’s production in a while.

However, last week 343 Industries confirmed that Halo TV show is still in production and has not been scraped. The developer also teased that halo TV show might be revealed soon.

In related news, a new mod for Fallout New Vegas gives players Quantum Break like abilities. Using the mod players can stop time and move around, while bullets can be seen coming at players and can be dodged. This mod not only stops time, but also lets the player to deflect bullets back at their enemies.

Quantum Break was developed by Remedy Entertainment for PC and Xbox one. The game featured a traditional single-player campaign, while also introduced TV show components to the game. Quantum Break follows that journey of Jack Joyce trying to stop, Paul Serene, his friend and CEO of Monarch Solutions.