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Jealous Ex-Boyfriend Breaks Girlfriend’s PlayStation 4 While She Was Chatting Online

It never ends well for a couple if their relationship is plagued with jealousy. Chesterfield magistrates court heard a case on Wednesday regarding enraged ex-boyfriend. The man broke his ex-Girlfriend’s PlayStation 4 system.

Jason Samuel Munday, 25, of St Augustine’s Crescent, Chesterfield broke up with his Girlfriend. However, both parties remained friends after the break up. Things were going smoothly until Jason found his ex speaking with a male friend using PlayStation 4.

He lost his cool and smashed the console. According to Prosecuting solicitor Sarah Haslam:

They were in a relationship and police have previously had to attend the property to remove the defendant from the house. The couple has been involved in an amicable split since March.

However, he stayed over with a male friend and they were all chatting to a friend online via Playstation and there was harmless banter with someone who lived in Manchester while they all had drunk alcohol. By 1am the defendant became upset because Nicola Brown was still talking to the male online and Munday became mouthy and nasty and asked her to delete the male’s profile.

Munday picked up the Playstation and threw it and it could no longer be used.

There had previously been ten separate incidents involving the couple. This shows they have serious issues and Jason may need anger management.

Jason pleaded guilty to criminal damage and has apologized. The court has ordered a 12 month community order with a Rehabilitation Activity Programme.