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How to Catch Pokemon in Pokemon Go, The Right Way

In any Pokemon game your mission is twofold: firstly, you have to find Pokemon and secondly, you have to catch them by beating them, clearly, this stays the same in Pokemon Go.

However, the game is something no Pokemon fan has ever experienced before so both of these things work differently.

We have previously discussed how you can find Pokemon, there are a number of ways including using items like Incense and Lure Module, which help spawn more Pokemon in a given area – a Pokestop in the case of Lure Module.

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Other than this, you can benefit from the Nearby List that pops up on the app. This list refreshes every 30 minutes and randomly when you are on the move. This list allows you to pop open any of the Pokemon that are close and follow directions to get to it.

Do keep in mind that the feet below the Pokemon represent how far it is (won’t be farther than 200 meters if it is being shown, though). Between one and three, the greater the number of feet below a Pokemon, the farther it is from you.

Lastly, you can hatch Pokemon using Eggs. This requires Incubators and you only get one of that at the start – more will need to be purchased. The more you walk, the closer you get to ending the hatching process.

On to the catching part now.

Catching Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Catching Pokemon in Pokemon Go doesn’t work like the conventional Pokemon games. In these, you use the Poke Ball too hit the Pokemon and capture it.

When have found a Pokemon, the Capturing screen will pop up with the Poke Ball at the lower end of it. Center the Pokemon on the screen and throw the ball straight at it with a swipe.

Also, make sure that when you are pressing hand holding the Poke Ball, you should preferably throw it when the circle around the Pokemon is the smallest as that increases the chances of success – alongside proper throwing as you will have to make the ball go inside the circle.

These circles will also represent how strong the Pokemon is. Green is easy, red is very hard. This should tell you if you need a special ball for a given Pokemon, like I’d go with a Great Ball or Ultra Ball for a red circle bearing Pokemon. Changing the ball will also reflect on the circle’s color.

In order to make sure your ball lands in the right place, you could use modifiers like different Throws. Using any either Curve Ball, Nice throw, Great Throw, or Excellent Throw not only increases your catch rate but also rewards you with additional XP for a successful catch.

Talking of the bonuses and rewards, here’s a breakdown of everything you can get (depending on what you are using) when you catch or hatch a Pokemon:

  • 50 Stardust
  • At least three Candies for Egg Hatching
  • 1000 Stardust for Egg Hatching
  • 100 XP for a successful capture
  • 200 XP for Egg hatching
  • 500 XP for a new Pokemon
  • 10 XP for Nice Throw
  • 50 XP for Great Throw
  • 100 XP for Excellent Throw
  • 10 XP for Curve Ball
  • 500 XP for Evolution

ADDITIONAL TIP: it is harder to throw the ball properly if you have the Augmented Reality (AR) turned on, if you turn the AR off it will automatically center the Pokemon on the screen.

This way, you don’t need to keep the phone in one direction or at a specific angle. Otherwise it gets tough to not only keep the phone at a certain point but also to make a perfect throw.

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Got any tips for catching Pokemon in Pokemon Go? Let us know in the comments below!