This GTA 5 Mod Shows Us How Breathtakingly Beautiful GTA 6 Would Be

The internet is filled with Pokemon Go related news these days. It is really refreshing to see something different and that is exactly what we have for you today.

It has been a year since GTA 5 released on PC, its modding scene is booming. Every now and then modders manage to amaze us with their projects. However, modders have truly smashed one out of the part with a new GTA 5 graphics mod.

The very first Grand Theft Auto V Redux gameplay has been released. It uses a graphics enhancing mod that pushes visuals close to photorealism.

It gives us a pretty good idea of what GTA 6 may look like.

GTA 6 is still far off so have to settle for Redux for the time being. Check out the video above to see Grand Theft Auto V Redux. The mod is still under development but devs are pushing as much as they can.