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EA Explains The Lack Of PC EA Sports Games, It’s Just The Matter Of Demand

EA Sports games are fairly popular among gamers, and have brought a significant amount of revenue for Electronic Arts, as recently EA made $650 million dollars in revenue per year from Ultimate Team Mode. However, the lack of PC EA Sports games is some what odd, as other EA titles are released on PC alongside of Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

FIFA is the only EA Sports title that is released on PC alongside consoles, which has troubled us that why not bring other tiles to the PC too? We might have finally got an answer for that, as EA Canada Vice President Matt Bilbey told Game Informer that it is just a matter of player demand and there high demand of FIFA on PC.

There’s still the high demand for FIFA on the PC globally because of the global appetite for the game.

He further said that demand for Madden on PC is low compared to FIFA, however, if opportunity presents itself, they will bring Madden to PC.

I think that’s less so with Madden, but I think if that changes and an opportunity presents itself, I think we would definitely leverage the opportunity.

Cam Weber, Vice President of EA Tiburon added that in the past, Madden series was going good on the PC, until its sale started to decline. He further said that they have been away from PC for so long that it is difficult to bring it back.

Madden series used to be a good business until sales declined on PC. Then the compounding problem is that I guess in the last four or five years…as we get away from PC development, it becomes more and more difficult to get back to it.

With every thing said and done, Electronic Arts seems to be interested in supporting PC EA Sports games, only if they find the opportunity of course.