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TitanFall 2 Progression System Explained by Respawn

TitanFall 2 is EA’s gem that is expected to take the shooter genre by storm later this year. The original game may not have had the level of success EA expected. However, it laid the foundation for a great new IP. Players should expect improvements to the sequel based on community feedback.

One of the features directly affected by community feedback is an improved progression system. Respawn is doing something that will make players “happy.”

We’ve rethought progression systems, and we have something that we’re not talking about today but we will be talking about later, and it’s kind of rethinking the progression system, it’s a very deep progression system created by Todd Alderman who created Call of Duty 4’s progression system. We’re really happy to have him back at Respawn. I can’t tell you a lot of details about it, but I think you’ll be happy with what we’ve got.

Progression system aside, the biggest change with TitanFall 2 single-player campaign. This is yet another aspect of the game that is based on community feedback. Players wanted a single-player campaign and that is exactly what Respawn will deliver.

This is very different from other single-player games that we’ve worked on. It’s probably not the first-person shooter campaign that people are expecting. We took a lot of creative risks of embracing the pilot mobility and really leaning in on that, and trying to make a single-player game that doesn’t try to pin you in and get you to stop using your mobility, but actually encourage you to try new and crazy things. And our single-player campaign has a lot of surprises in it, so we’re not revealing everything because we want people to not know everything when they get into it.

TitanFall 2 is everything the first game should have been. The title is hitting PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 later this year. Pre orders for the game are live at EA Origin.

Source: PC Gamer