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This New World Of Warcraft Scam Could Steal Your Gold by Mimicking Guilds and Groups

If you are playing WOW these days, please be warned that there is a new World of Warcraft scam out there which is using a very gullible way to steal your gold.

Apparently, there is some guy who is sending out a viral chat script, trying to run it in order to get his hands on the gold stashes of players – many have already been affected.

The reason why people are being fooled by this new World of Warcraft scam is that the guy in question is mimicking some player groups and guilds that are otherwise known and well reputed.

This guy decided to float the message “claiming to be selling 13/13M with loot and mount on behalf of a top guild on our realm,” says one of the affected players.

He has used names of a number of famous guilds all with the same tactic. What he does is that he picks up the name of a guild with the letter “I” in its name. When he uses the name of that guild in the scam message, he uses a capital (upper case) letter for “I” instead of a lowercase “i” and fools a number of people.

In the message the scammer asks the player to run a /run command saying that before the transaction this was needed in order to keep the raid frames secured.

On the backend, this command allows a script to be run that forcefully trades your gold with the scammer instead of his gold being sold to you like the World of Warcraft scam originally suggested.

Beware that this person appears using different toons every time, and he is clearly not stopping at any number of player guilds that he will impersonate.

Although the scammer has been reported to Blizzard Entertainment, we are yet to get an update on the matter.