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Rainbow 6 Siege Patch 3.4 Notes, Pulse Tweaks, Team Killing, Bug Fixes and More

The new Rainbow 6 Siege patch 3.4 patch notes have been released by Ubisoft onto their forums. The patch itself will be coming to all versions of the game on July 13, this Wednesday. The patch will be strengthening the Pulse character, will deal with teamkilling, and will be fixing various bugs and level design issues.

Rainbow 6 Siege patch 3.4 will first and foremost be adjusting Pulse’s abilities. Pulse is one of the most vital characters in the game, as he has the HB-5 Cardiac Sensor, which shows the heartbeats of enemies so that the defending operators aren’t caught by surprise.

With the new patch, Pulse’s sensor will now stay on an enemy even as they move, rather than staying at one position even after they’ve moved. The heartbeat sensor will also have a snazzy new visual, where a red hue swipes across the screen as it detects.

Rainbow 6 Siege patch 3.4 will also deal with teamkilling in a much more severe manner. Repeatedly killing team members will result in players being banned from matchmaking. While the ban will only be for a few minutes, it will still escalate with each new offense. If you do it enough, you may get banned from Matchmaking permanently.

Thirdly and finally, a variety of bug fixes across the game are coming with the new patch. Rainbow 6 Siege patch 3.4 will be addressing issues with Ubisoft rewards (you would have to restart the game client to claim them), with Xbox One users being unable to make offline Custom Matches, and dealing with various issues with floating objects, textures, and more.

The patch will also address various glitches with the various operators, such as Doc being unable to revive himself while downed, clipping issues with shield users, and Tachanka’s turret floating in the air if it runs out of ammo.

The full patch notes can be found on the Ubisoft forums, which you can see by following this link.