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Pokemon Go: How to Train Your Pokemon and Level Up

While a conventional Pokemon title would ask you to train your Pokemon the hard way i.e. by battling, Pokemon Go is different. In this game, you get to replace that with scaling and increasing the CP (Combat Power) of your Pokemon.

Essentially, this cuts down the options you have to two, namely Evolutions and Power Ups.

In other words, the premise of Pokemon training and leveling up ends with Candy and Stardust being earned and used. However, you can always do it better, faster and more efficiently. Let’s look at Evolutions and Power Ups one by one.

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Pokemon Go Power Ups

There is a circular bar around your Pokemon that shows how far it has come in terms of reaching its full potential. Filling up this bar with CP requires Stardust and Candy, and the bar itself can be increased in potential by leveling up the trainer.

While in the beginning one Candy would suffice for a power up, this will be doubled when the Pokemon is close to maxing out its CP (above 75 percent completion requires two Candy). However, Candy is specie specific.

As far as Stardust is concerned, you can use it on any Pokemon you want although the amount of Stardust required will vary from specie to specie as well as the level of CP at the time when the power up is being initiated.

Pokemon Go Evolutions

Being able to evolve a Pokemon will require specific type as well as specific amount of Candy, for which you will need to catch a number of Pokemon before geting there. Once that is done, you can use the button which will start appearing once the prerequisites are met.

After a Pokemon evolves, it not only gets stronger and more powerful but also heals itself completely. Last but not the least, its moves will be reselected.

Getting Your Hands on The Bounty

There are a number of ways in which you can get your hands on Stardust and Candy namely catching Pokemon, hatching Pokemon, transferring Pokemon (so far that is only possible with Professor Willow) and defending a gym.

  • Catching – 100 Stardust and three Candy
  • Hatching – XP and more Candy than catching it
  • Transferring – One Candy of the Transferred Pokemon
  • Defending Gyms – Stardust and PokeCoins every 20 hours

While that is all for evolutions and power ups in Pokemon Go, we will be updating this with more details when we get our hands on them.