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Pokemon Go Trading To Be Added in with an Update Soon: Niantic CEO

After launching the game in US, Australia and New Zealand, Nintendo had halted the launch of Pokemon Go in a number of other territories due to server issues. However, that didn’t stop the game from becoming the latest phenomenon for people who want something different.

Niantic Inc., the developers behind the augmented reality Pokemon title are going hard at work, trying to polish it further. One thing that has been confirmed to be on the cards in Pokemon Go trading feature.

While the game didn’t launch with an option for the users to trade Pokemon with others, the chief executive officer of Niantic Inc., John Hanke, has promised that it is one thing that the mobile game will get it in a future update.

According to Hanke said about Pokemon Go trading feature that “It’s kind of a core element,” which should give some peace of mind to everyone who is thinking thee feature might get exploited and end up breeding unfair competitive scenarios.

Clearly, if the feature is of prime importance it will undergo rigorous testing before getting released.

Regardless, being able to get Pokemon from your friends as well as other community members you don’t know – or vice versa – has a very lucrative prospect for the overall experience of the game. This is especially true because it goes in line with the numerous suggestions of social interactions that the app has to offer.

Hanke did not divulge anything about the exact time when they plan to release the feature, neither did he discuss specifics about how they are planning to make it work and avoid any exploits.

The Pokemon Go trading feature, just like trading features in a number of other examples, would come with an inherent risk of people trying to use it to push away players who are at a lower level.

Then there also are markets like eBay where people could trade Pokemon with the highest bidders which is essentially another exploit of the system.

We’ll be looking forward to see how the developers ensure they will overcome this and other probable issues with the Pokemon Go trading feature.